There is a huge amount of cases across the EU, which involve young people committing a crime. The charges are ranging from minor status offences, such as theft, to such serious crimes such as burglary, robbery, violence, homicide etc. Afterwards, young people often face social exclusion and very limited future prospects, which leads them back to crime. Thus, there is a need to take some steps to avoid that.
“Climb-Over”, a 2-year Erasmus+ funded project, which aims to help reintegration of young offenders and prevent youth from making offences by making a good use of youth work.

Key activities:

Research on the best ways to integrate young (ex)offenders into youth work

Staff training event for youth workers

Methodology on how to include young offenders & youth at risk into youth work and prevent juvenile delinquency

Multiplier events to promote the methodology, match young offenders and youth workers

Social events for youth, youth workers and young offenders in Lithuania, Croatia and the UK

“Social Shock” competition for developing social advertisements aimed at increasingawareness of reintegration of young ex-offenders

Social advertisements campaigns on youth delinquency


Integration Center

Non-governmental organization aimed at the social integration of vulnerable groups in Lithuania. One of its focus areas is the integration and education of the unprivileged youth in order for them to develop socially and understand their strengths.

Kaunas Juvenile Remand Prison-Correction House

Only institution in Lithuania, where juveniles under arrest are kept and where convicted juveniles are serving their prison sentence. Among the goals of the institution is to prepare a young offender for reentry into the community.


Social enterprise, established with the aim of supporting the development of innovative projects with a positive impact on society and the environment. It specializes in social media and marketing campaigns, giving visibility to socially responsible projects.


Charity, set up by the Black Police Association officers to address issues of racial disproportionality in both the youth justice and educational sectors in London. One of its missions is to make significant contributions to alter the future of those at risk of potential criminal activity.